Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dating Tips:Your Girl's Not Going To Ride Dirty With You..

I was in my friend's car over the weekend cruising around town. One thing that I noticed was how messy his car was. My girlfriend sure as hell didn't like it and I think most girls wouldn't either.

If you notice.... most single/ divorced men have some of the dirtiest, messiest, smelliest cars in the world. So what you say?Well.. we'd be pretty much depriving ourselves of a second or third date!!!!

Women generally like cleanliness even if they are darn filty and more often than not... they'll judge how clean you are from your first date. If you have one dirty ride with you... they'll probably feel you are this totally disorganised guy. God knows what else they will think.

I remember my car used to have some 'not so decent' DVDs in it and one of the girls I took out on a date found it. Of course she thought I was some naughty cow. She still brings it up today. I managed to kick it off with her though. *GRIN*

So remember guys... clean up your car a little before you take a woman out. Ain't going to go into details. I am sure you guys are very well capable of it. Keep only the cool stuff in like your branded shades or your coat hanged neatly and put the rest away. Putting it in the glove compartment doesn't count. Who knows... you might just get a nosey one in your car right?

Get an air-freshener. You wouldn't want your car to stink would you? I know my current girl hates a car that STINKS! Personally... so do I. That's it for now. Go pimp your rides guys!

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