Monday, July 31, 2006

The BIGGEST mistake while trying to get a date

A lot of guys tend to ask... "How do I approach that girl? She's just so drop dead gorgeous?" "What if she laughs at me when I talk to her?" From there on... I realise the BIGGEST mistake while trying to get a date is:-

  • Trying so darn hard to make things perfect. As long as you are good enough for her... that'll do it.
  • Don't worry you'll make a fool of yourself. You probably will if it is your first time approaching your dream girl.
  • The key to it is to actually take ACTION. Why did you think Darren Hayes wrote the song "Crash and Burn" for?
  • Learn from your mistakes and you'll only get better.

I understand we only have one shot at making a first impression and she means the world to you but until you practise... you'll never really be good at it.Personally, my record was getting a date from a perfect stranger in seven minutes. How I did it? I got rejected from a girl I once adored. Here's probabya few things that could be done to enhance one's skill:

  • Learn to make eye contact with strangers. You can try it with guys first if you are too shy.
  • Next... try and learn to smile at them. This is important. If you are going to smile like a serial rapist... you are going to scare her away.
  • Flirt with women you talk to casually (even if you don't intend to bag them).
  • Compliment the unattractive. It's easier to get a positive feedback from them.
  • Don't bother complimenting hot looking girls. They already know it. Instead try teasing them.

I hope it'll work out for you guys as it has worked out for me. Let me know how you guys are doing. Stop worrying... start dating. *winks*

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pillow Talk: Hannah Tan singing Eternal Flame

Not only does she have the looks and the body... she's got a great and soothing voice too. Can't wait to get my hands on her new album soon. ; )

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wrestle this!: Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K - What's Going On?

I am sure if you are a Malaysian or a Siti fan... you'd probably heard that she's marrying this "grandpa" called K.

I'm sure there are mixed emotions going around but this is what I hear the most:

  • "WHAT THE F^# is wrong with her?? Don't get me wrong.. I ain't no Siti fan, just that I guess this goes to show.. money buys everything...!!!!" Scary!!! ..but true ; )

  • "She's already rich... she's already famous.... why does she need to marry him?? Even if she needs a Datuk... can get a better looking single one perhaps? This one is married with children and the kids are probably old enough to probably screw her?"

  • And some will say: "What the hell you care... as long as they are happy... good enough".
  • "It doesn't get any f&ckier than this. Probably she terhutang budi... so now bayar with body? "
  • "Probabaly if I were a datuk, married, had a freaking thick moustache and four kids.. she'd be marrying me"

O well.. WTF ; )

Do check out their interview by The Star (

Pictures courtousy of and

Ferrari GIRLS

Got these pics from my friend.

I find the girl on the right pretty hot but the rest.... err... not really to my liking.

Goodness... I think Ferrari has got good marketting stratergy. The girls seem more catchy than the car.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sharingan MasterCard Commercial

I think the Naruto Kakashi fans are going to like this one.

Good strategy used by master card I'd say.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wrestle this!: Sarimah the Sarong Party Girl

One of Malaysia’s most recognisable faces, Sarimah Ibrahim, quietly tied the knot on May 13 with Australian-born Amir Andrew Browning, after a six-year relationship.

Guess we have ourselves another sarong party girl in the house! ; D

Think I like her more without the tudung and I don't think the bloke's any good looking either.