Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wrestle this!: Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K - What's Going On?

I am sure if you are a Malaysian or a Siti fan... you'd probably heard that she's marrying this "grandpa" called K.

I'm sure there are mixed emotions going around but this is what I hear the most:

  • "WHAT THE F^# is wrong with her?? Don't get me wrong.. I ain't no Siti fan, just that I guess this goes to show.. money buys everything...!!!!" Scary!!! ..but true ; )

  • "She's already rich... she's already famous.... why does she need to marry him?? Even if she needs a Datuk... can get a better looking single one perhaps? This one is married with children and the kids are probably old enough to probably screw her?"

  • And some will say: "What the hell you care... as long as they are happy... good enough".
  • "It doesn't get any f&ckier than this. Probably she terhutang budi... so now bayar with body? "
  • "Probabaly if I were a datuk, married, had a freaking thick moustache and four kids.. she'd be marrying me"

O well.. WTF ; )

Do check out their interview by The Star (http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/7/18/nation/14867918&sec=nation)

Pictures courtousy of www.thestar.com.my and http://www.celebvids.co.uk/


bibliobibuli said...

i'm also mystified ... keep wanting to scream at her "my dear don't do it" ... it doesn't seem like an equal match at all and i think the poor lady deserves much better

mob1900 said...

It must be POWER-ROOT!

"Terima-kasih, POWER-ROOT!" ~quips Datuk. K