Sunday, May 27, 2007

Zeroes - A Heroes Parody

Everyone knows/ have watched this show one way or another right? Needless to say... we have the parodies as well... Zeroes!!! Check it out!!! Kinda stupid but funny ; )

Gwen Stefani On American Idol and More....

I have always been a fan of Gwen since her early days with No Doubt. Here are some pictures of her lately and also my humble opinion to girls when going out on dates.

Gwen to me is hot. She's really the girl all the bad guys want but sometimes her make up is a little too much though. Lately I saw her on American Idol training the contestants and she actually looked great!!!! SUPER!!!! Not because she gave birth... but just simply because she changed her make up. ; )
See what I mean?????? She looks so much better without the thick blood red lipstick she puts on. ...YUKES!!!!! JLo looks pretty stunning always. Again.... Not too much make up on. Gwen... if you are reading my blog (Fat chance I know)..... Keep up with your new make up. You look hotter than ever.
It's really a matter of preference, taste and choice. Some may look good with lots of make up and some look better without. Judge for yourself and ask opinions of others. I noticed alot of young girls these days overdress and over make up.

Another good example...or shall I say sometimes Miss Aguilera.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Newspaper Clipping Generator

Ever wanted to make a newspaper clipping? Now you can easily by using the newspaper clipping generator. It's fast, easy and cool.

Just click here to generate a free newspaper clipping ; )

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hello Paris!!! (Hello Kitty Edition)

To be very fair... Paris Hilton is very cute when she doesn't put up her irritating antiques. Here's the Hello Kitty edition of Paris Hilton. Quite cute I feel.

On the other hand if Paris was a dog....would she probably look something like that??

Do you guys know where I can get the Hello Kitty Paris edition toy? Would like to get it for my girlfriend.

Changing Places: Water and Liquor

Have you guys seen water and liquor changing places? Could try this during one of our drinking sessions:

We believe "diffusion" is the key word ; ) As I learn to be smarter and nerdier.... I begin to enjoy more lame things in life.

Royal Wedding of Raja Muda Perak and Zara Salim Davidson (Pictures and Video)

The bride-to-be of the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, Zara Salim Davidson was one of the top students at the University of Nottingham and a former Perak state swimmer.

Born in Ipoh on March 22, 1973, she is the youngest of four children of William Davidson and Sharifah Azaliah Syed Omar Shahabudin. She has three elder brothers. For more details on her, do check out the Star Online or Bernama.

Meanwhile....let's get on to more interesting things...the video of the wedding ceremony and also pictures from the wedding!!!!

She's indeed very stunning and gorgeous..even though she's already 34 years old.
The Raja Muda still looks good although being already over 50!!

Only question is why did they wait this long?

I guess Siti and Datuk K's wedding will just remain as a very vague memory. Welcome the hippest and hottest new weds!!! It's royal afterall. May they live happily ever after! ; )

Pictures were taken from Powerpresent

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paris Hilton In Jail

We've seen her in and out of different fashion style and clothing.

From super sexy retro style,
to super-heroin style,
to military fashion,
to head-turning bikini

and coming up soon...

Paris Hilton in jail uniform

Paris Hilton and her favourite dog, Tinkerbell during their happier days. Poor Tinkerbell is going to miss her badly. I know i will if i were her dog. :-)

Lesson of the day: Dont drink and drive. Even a heiress like Paris Hilton can't buy justice.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Victoria Beckham's 'That Extra Half an Inch - hair, heels and everything in between

Former Spice Girls member, aka Posh Spice and the wife of famous football player David Beckham has come out with her own book titled 'That Extra Half an Inch - hair, heels and everything in between'. She is writing a book about fashion. Can you believe it??

According to the publisher,

"the book promises be an accessible, usable and desirable book about fashion, beauty and style. Packed with realistic and practical advice... Victoria will share her personal top tips as well as anecdotes from the fashion world. 'That extra half an inch' will be the ultimate girl's guide to looking and feeling the best that you can, and learning a bit about fashion as you go along."

I am not too sure about the book since Mrs Beckham had been in various career before this - from music to fashion and now writing a book. And her fashion sense??? I don't know...maybe you guys can judge it by yourself after looking at these pictures.

Some tips from Mrs Beckham:

- Do your shopping all over the world (not everyone can afford that, Mrs Beckham)

- Never, ever leave home without your "sunnies" (sun glasses)

- The right bag, shoes or sunglasses can make or transform the look of an outfit

- Customise your own clothes, like cutting the waistband off jeans to make them lower on your hips

- Keep some things secret, and not "let it all hang out". It is much sexier to leave a little to the imagination