Saturday, May 19, 2007

Royal Wedding of Raja Muda Perak and Zara Salim Davidson (Pictures and Video)

The bride-to-be of the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, Zara Salim Davidson was one of the top students at the University of Nottingham and a former Perak state swimmer.

Born in Ipoh on March 22, 1973, she is the youngest of four children of William Davidson and Sharifah Azaliah Syed Omar Shahabudin. She has three elder brothers. For more details on her, do check out the Star Online or Bernama.

Meanwhile....let's get on to more interesting things...the video of the wedding ceremony and also pictures from the wedding!!!!

She's indeed very stunning and gorgeous..even though she's already 34 years old.
The Raja Muda still looks good although being already over 50!!

Only question is why did they wait this long?

I guess Siti and Datuk K's wedding will just remain as a very vague memory. Welcome the hippest and hottest new weds!!! It's royal afterall. May they live happily ever after! ; )

Pictures were taken from Powerpresent

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