Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gwen Stefani On American Idol and More....

I have always been a fan of Gwen since her early days with No Doubt. Here are some pictures of her lately and also my humble opinion to girls when going out on dates.

Gwen to me is hot. She's really the girl all the bad guys want but sometimes her make up is a little too much though. Lately I saw her on American Idol training the contestants and she actually looked great!!!! SUPER!!!! Not because she gave birth... but just simply because she changed her make up. ; )
See what I mean?????? She looks so much better without the thick blood red lipstick she puts on. ...YUKES!!!!! JLo looks pretty stunning always. Again.... Not too much make up on. Gwen... if you are reading my blog (Fat chance I know)..... Keep up with your new make up. You look hotter than ever.
It's really a matter of preference, taste and choice. Some may look good with lots of make up and some look better without. Judge for yourself and ask opinions of others. I noticed alot of young girls these days overdress and over make up.

Another good example...or shall I say sometimes Miss Aguilera.

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