Thursday, July 12, 2007

Date Preparation

You might want to do some preparations before going on a date. Here are some preparation dating tips:

  1. Keep nails clean and short. Long nails only look good on gals (Not necessarily)

  2. Try to smell good. Bath and put a lil cologne (keyword is "a lil"). My girlfriend sniffs on me all day long. Imagine if you smelt like a cow/ pig.

  3. Brush your teeth. Keep it clean and have a refreshing breath.

  4. Wear something cool. Don't look like someone from the 70s.

  5. Wear some hand accessories i.e. a presentable watch just so that you look more decorative/ less plain. Not everyone looks like Tom Cruise right?

  6. Have your shoes and glasses clean. I am sure your date is going to scan you from top to toe.

It's all common-sense when it comes to our part but it is 120% sixth sense when it comes to the women. ; ) Lets play our parts right and leave the rest to God ; D

Jessica Alba From Fantastic Four Looking Fit and Hot

I think I may now know who the song "Sexy Back" was written for. It must be for Miss Jessica Alba. Check out her sexy back-side.
Firm butt....
Nice body... I meant the Lexus.

Looks like Miss Alba has been working out alot.

To be fair and honest... she doesn't look that hot without all that make up.
Still pretty I guess ; )

Japanese Human Tetris

This is very cute and interesting guys... Everyone has played Tetris before it young or old. Now we have the Human Tetris. : ) Japanese people are really creative.
Check out the clip! It's rather funny too!