Monday, May 07, 2007

Victoria Beckham's 'That Extra Half an Inch - hair, heels and everything in between

Former Spice Girls member, aka Posh Spice and the wife of famous football player David Beckham has come out with her own book titled 'That Extra Half an Inch - hair, heels and everything in between'. She is writing a book about fashion. Can you believe it??

According to the publisher,

"the book promises be an accessible, usable and desirable book about fashion, beauty and style. Packed with realistic and practical advice... Victoria will share her personal top tips as well as anecdotes from the fashion world. 'That extra half an inch' will be the ultimate girl's guide to looking and feeling the best that you can, and learning a bit about fashion as you go along."

I am not too sure about the book since Mrs Beckham had been in various career before this - from music to fashion and now writing a book. And her fashion sense??? I don't know...maybe you guys can judge it by yourself after looking at these pictures.

Some tips from Mrs Beckham:

- Do your shopping all over the world (not everyone can afford that, Mrs Beckham)

- Never, ever leave home without your "sunnies" (sun glasses)

- The right bag, shoes or sunglasses can make or transform the look of an outfit

- Customise your own clothes, like cutting the waistband off jeans to make them lower on your hips

- Keep some things secret, and not "let it all hang out". It is much sexier to leave a little to the imagination

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