Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dating Tips: How Do We Know If A Girl Respects Us??

  • Has a woman ever said she just wants to be friends?
  • Have you ever been so "nice" to an attractive girl that you find it difficult to say "NO" to her?
  • Have you ever complimented a girl only to have her looking not interested or annoyed?
  • Have you had hot looking girls coming to you and whine about their "looser" boyfriends?

If your answers to any one of these questions is yes... well... she DOESN'T respect you!! It sucks to know that but it is TRUE!! More importantly..... Women are only attracted to guys they RESPECT.

We can buy her all the diamonds and pearls, be her shoulder to cry on and give her everything "nice" but at the end of the day.. she'll not end up with you. Just like men don't respect women that are too easy, women don't respect men that are too "nice".

So how do we gain respect from a member of the opposite sex?

  • Independence and self-reliance. Don't be a "clingy" person. I learnt that the very hard way. ; P Same applies if your girl calls you 10 times a day, every day... every week... every month...
  • Have a backbone and stop letting them walk all over you.

How do we do it???

  • Learn how to say "NO"... in a calm manner. E.g.: "No, I don't want to wait for you to call me 2 hours before the show to see if you are going.
    If you can't make it, let me know now so that I can make other plans or go with someone else!"
  • Don't Be Too Nice: Stop buying her all those expensive things. She's going to see you more as a friend instead of a potential lover.
  • Be Prepared To leave: If you are not getting what you want from the relationship - LEAVE!
  • Plan Out Dates: Show that you know what you are doing. Be decisive. Don't give her the "as you wish dear" line.
  • Don't care about what she thinks of you: Remember that your job is to ATTRACT her, not to PLEASE her.
  • Learn The Dating Game: If you were a woman.. would you want to go out with this inexperienced guy or would you like to hang out with the type of guy who knows how to treat you right?

Hope this will work out for you guys!!

I am no dating consultant/ expert. I have failed before in the past with girls. So I know how painful it is.From then on I learnt to take on a different approach and my success rate with girls have increased tremendously then. What I share here is not from some text book but from both experiences of my friends and myself. Hope these entries can help you guys out. Good luck! ; D

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