Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dating Tips: Take Over... Take Control Over Your Girl

I think no girl.. and I mean NO girl is going to admit this but it's true!! They love men when they are in control.Not suggesting you guys turn into a control freak... just don't act like a wimp.

"Where should we sit?".. "Up to you"... "You choose". So NOT cool.

I think this would work out better:

"Let's sit over there" "It seems pretty comfy"...and just lead her by taking her hand.

I used to try to be the all obliging 'Yes Mam' kind of guy. It didn't necessarily work out. You can still be Mr nice Guy. Just be assertive and take the lead.

Good luck guys!!

I am no dating consultant/ expert. I have failed before in the past with girls. So I know how painful it is.From then on I learnt to take on a different approach and my success rate with girls have increased tremendously then.What I share here is not from some text book but from both experiences of my friends and myself.Hope these entries can help you guys out. Good luck! ; D

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