Saturday, March 22, 2008

Soo Beautiful Yet Soo Talented

Malaysian model Carmen Soo is not only beautiful but also very talented.

Here she is gracing the magazine covers

Acted alongside Shu Qi in Jackie Chan's movie, Gorgeous

The leading actress in Aaron Kwok's musical special

Garnered The Most Promising Actress Award from her turn in The Third Generation in which she played Linda while Amber Chia played Susan

She was also the lead actress in a local horror film "Visit" which consists of 4 short superstitious stories. She was the young pretty girl in the story "1413" which means "Together Forever" in Cantonese.
She also involved in stage musical Rose Rose I Love You alongside Tin Tan

and also in The Girl From Ipoh

Carmen soo can be seen in the latest local drama series Ghost on 8tv

She is simply the Soo-per Woman i adore!!