Monday, March 10, 2008


I am now catching this local TV series, Ghost every Sunday night. It's a supernatural mystery television drama series which stars Nazrudin Rahman the guy on NTV7's Breakfast Show, Cheryl Samad the ambassador for Watsons, Carmen Soo the gorgeous model/actress and other local stars like Razif Hashim 8TV Quickie guy and even Daniel Tan the male model.

Truly recommended because it's not just another local 'horrifying' series that's going to scare or maybe laugh your pants off you. I would say that it's a mix of Casper and One Tree Hill kind of show yet the mystery keeps you guessing and wanting to know what happens next.

Worth leaving the wedding dinner earlier to watch this if you don't have Astro Max or any digital video recorder at home.

Ghost airs over 8TV, Sunday, at 10.30pm.

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