Monday, March 03, 2008

Sexiest Women Over 35

First up we have Salma Hayek who's fourty.
Next up is Halle Belly... Oops... I mean Berry (Age 40)
Diane Lane - Age 42
Naomi Watts - Age 38 - My very personal favourite. This picture doesn't do her justice though.
Queen Rania Of Jordan - Age 36 - She's super duper hot!

Giada De Laurentiis - Age 36
Jada Pinkett Smith - Age 36
Monica Belluci - Age 42. Who could ever resist her? Oh yea.... Neo could... ; D
Maria Bello - Age 40. Don't find her that hot though.

Elizabeth Hurley - Age 41. Yes... she's so hot!

Cate Blanchett - Age 38. She somewhat reminds me of that Desperate Housewife.
Elle Macpheson - Age 44. Has she always been this hot?
Liz Phair - Age 40
Lucy Liu - Age 38. Well.. I think she's pretty hot looking. Not the best Asia can offer though.
Gwen Stefani - Age 37. I had a HUGE crush on her 10 years ago during the No Doubt days.. And I still do now!

List of ladies were from the Editors of MSN Lifestyle.

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