Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tata Young's Temperature Rising - El Nin-Yo

  • The Sexy, Naughty, B!tchy girl is back with her new album Temperature Rising. She looks so hot in this video!!! You've got my temperature rising, Tata!!

    There's something about Tata:
  • Her full name is Amita Marie Young.
  • She was a Thai superstar at the age of 15.
  • Her father, Tim Young is an American while her mother is a Thai.
  • At age 11, Tata beat 5,300 other children to be crowned winner of the international division of the nationwide Thailand Junior Singing Contest with her performance of One Night Only.
  • She made her film debut in 1997 in the youth drama The Red Bike Story, which broke records for audience-attendance for the Thai film industry.
  • In 1997, ELLE magazine named her one of Thailand's "10 Most Influential People".
  • In 1998, Asiaweek selected Tata as "One of 25 Most Influential Trend-setters in Asia".
  • In Taiwan, Tata became the first Thai artist to be invited to perform at the Golden Melody Awards– Taiwan's equivalent of the Grammy Awards.


sabrina said...

God i hate this woman! She uses her body instead of her supposed talent to sell her music.

Ika said...

i like tata young,,she's so damn hot!

pearl core said...

Oh may God, I think Tata Young is my angel of music

pearl core said...

Oh may God, I think Tata Young is my angel of music

The Great Anon Coward said...

Well see Sabrina, the way this industry works is, you put some sexy slab of meat in a video, that way if the music sucks (which it does btw, although not as hard as that Black Eyed Peez track) the hormonal-driven boys will keep tuning in on it. The system's worked so well for the entire course of human history, it'd be stupid to change it. But of course, tell nothing of this sort to our Islamic council.