Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dating Tips: Some Facts about Dating (Part 1)

It's been awhile since I last posted on this field. I was watching "Hitch" the movie just the other day and I truly recommend you people to watch it (if you haven't watched it). Here are a few things that I notice about dating.

Fact #1: Dating is a skill.
It doesn't matter how fit/ good looking/ smart/ rich you are. It's a skill that gets the "players" laid.They've been rejected again and again, time over time till they pick up all the essential skills needed for getting the girls they want.

Fact #2: Confidence is the key to getting your girl.
Just like in the movie... Will Smith was very confident. And he was very smooth (Fact #1: Dating is a skill). Confidence comes from knowledge. KNOW your girl and KNOW what to do. I'm sure you have read that getting girls is like marketing and one of the key ingredients is market research. Why? So that you know your girl and you know whatare her likes and dislikes.

Fact #3: Do things you've never done before to get things you've never had before.
This applies to almost everything in life. If you continue doing the things you do... you'llcontinue attracting the same type of women. So step out of that comfort zone and dosomething new!

I guess that would be all for now. Go watch Hitch if you haven't watched it yet!! It is a MUST watch. ; )

I am no dating consultant/ expert. I have failed before in the past with girls. So I know how painful it is. From then on I learnt to take on a different approach and my success rate with girls have increased tremendously then. What I share here is not from some text book but from both experiences of my friends and myself. Hope these entries can help you guys out. Good luck! ; D


animefreak said...

i kissed dating goodbye...

Moira said...

I think this could work.