Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dating Tips: Looks Does Matter (Sexual Harassment and You Video)

How many times have we heard girls calling guys shallow because all we care about is our looks? I think quite too many to remember right? And these deeper-soul-searching women claim that looks are not that important.


It may not be the only factor on whether or not they choose you as their life long partner but it's going to be probably one of THE MOST important criteria they look into. It's only normal for an individual to want someone attractive (at least to them).

And one of the best ways to be attractive is of course.... the LOOKS!! That physical attraction. Don't for one second think they with just plain good personality you are going to get the girls. You might get lucky but chances are... you are not.

So seriously.... get out there and start looking for ways to look good. Will try to cover in more detail on how we can do that. For now.. I need it myself because I'm getting EXTREMELY fat and trust me... that ain't going to be too attractive. Even Hitch (The Love Doctor) cannot help me.

Check out the video below:

You heard that right ---> Just be:

  • Be Handsome
  • Be Attractive
  • Don't Be Unattractive


Anonymous said...

Lame. You're never going to grow old with anyone.

Justints said...

Call me lame... but at least I get the girls.. ; )

Like i said.. try at ur own risk. ; ) .. I am no pro.. and this is for reading pleasure. No punt intended.

Have a nice day!!!