Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cool Christmas Present (part 2)

Rollies - LED Light Up Skates
Price: £29.95

This roller skates is different from a normal roller skates. These wheels can be strapped onto your existing trainers or other shoes [it fits almost any size shoe/trainer].
The wheels are towards the heel so you just have to lift your sole to move. To stop, simply put the sole back on the ground.

A really cool way to travel around whether you're in the airport or in a shopping mall.

Consider buying this for your poor boyfriend or husband who has to follow you around in the shopping mall especially during the mega sale.

Ideal person: son, daughter, sister, brother, boyfriend, husband

Robomop Softbase
Price: £29.95

The RoboMop runs across your floor, and cleans a 60 square metre surface with 98% accuracy in 1 hour. The 8.5 centimetre low mop also cleans areas like under sofas, beds and cupboards.

Just charge it up, place it in the cleaning area and it'll do its job. The Robomop has a special electrostatic pad on the bottom. So when the time is up, just put the cloth in the bin. This thing works on anything hard whether it's a laminated, tiled or wooden floors.

For those with busy and hectic lifestyle, this is definitely an ideal gift because this helpful Robomop saves hours off your housework so you can relax and enjoy.

Ideal person: wife, mother


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