Monday, September 18, 2006

Excuse to Escape

Running out of good excuses to escape from your boring work??? Get some good ones from here:

Attention: Use at own RISK!!!

  1. My car ran out of gas on the way to work. I was pushing it to a gas station and I got a stomach hernia and I have to go to the doctors.
  2. My cat got ran over by a motorcycle and I need to take it to the vet.
  3. I was stepping down out of my trailer and I missed the step and when I landed on the ground I messed up my back.
  4. I can't come to work today because the city is paving my street and I can't get out!
  5. My wife is too sick to get out of bed, so I'm staying home to take care of her.
  6. I can't come into work today because of eye trouble.... I can't see working today.
  7. I am not coming in because I tried to dye my hair blonde, but it came out green!
  8. Can't come in today, the springs on the garage door broke and I can't get the car out cause the door won't open.
  9. Sorry Boss I can't come into work spirit guide says work is for losers!
  10. My dog is having puppies and I need to help her.
  11. I will not be into work today because my parents dog died.
  12. I won't be in today because I can't find my clothes.
  13. Last night a friend I haven't seen in a long time came over and gave me a bear hug and broke one of my ribs, so I won't be in today.
  14. I can't come in today because I feel sick and I can't breath because of all the smoke in the air.
  15. My cat is suffering from depression and can't be left alone.
  16. I was dreaming and couldn't wake up.
  17. Oh, you mean it's Next' Monday I have off!!" (Note: must be said with an incredulous expression)
  18. I'll be late for work today becuase I was on my way to the car, and see it was hot out so I decided I needed to take a break.
  19. I have amnesia, who r u? work?
  20. I cant come to work because I lost the house keys, I'm locked in.

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