Monday, September 18, 2006

Dating Girls: Teasing

If you are with a girl and you like her... then tease her. Simple as that!!! How???

  • --> Be playful. Make fun of her a little.

  • --> Arouse her sexually then pull back.

Don't be just plain nice to her and DO NOT throw yourself at her. Girls don't like guys who suck up to them. This seems easy yet so many guys fail to do it simply because they adore and worship the girl way too much.

Fancy your girl but just don't over do it. Send her mixed signals. Women love mind games.

Let them know that you love them and you leave yourself in the hands of rejection. You take a risk by confessing when you are not sure of how the girl feels. Instead... keep her guessing. Let her wonder if you are really into her.

Even while making out, play hard-to-get a little. This would probably get her even more worked up and then you make your move to the next base.

Oh well.. that's another story all together. I guess the key here is to have fun. Play around a little and enjoy each other's company. Good luck guys!!!

I am no dating consultant/ expert. I have failed before in the past with girls. So I know how painful it is. From then on I learnt to take on a different approach and my success rate with girls have increased tremendously then. What I share here is not from some text book but from both experiences of my friends and myself. Hope these entries can help you guys out. Good luck! ; D

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