Friday, June 08, 2007

What Are you Listening to Miss Katherine McPhee?

MSN interviewed Ms McPhee not too long ago. Here's what she had to say about her music likings and influences:

Katharine McPhee

Hometown: Los Angeles

Instrument: Vocal

What five albums or singles are in heavy rotation for you now?
"Dreamgirls" soundtrack: I literally have it playing in my car all the time just to listen to Beyoncé's song called "Listen." It's such a powerful song and just makes you want to sing along. She sounds so incredible.
Gwen Stefani: I was at Starbucks the other day and it was selling there. So I bought it because I have been obsessed with "Wind It Up." I was wanting to buy her record for awhile because of that song but haven't had the chance to get to the record stuff. So now I am officially obsessed with the entire record. She sounds so great, and it's a really fun record.
My Chemical Romance's "The Black Parade": I love this whole record and have loved the band since the beginning. I love that it has this kind of dramatic feel to it. It's different from everything out there and is a nice change from everything else I listen to. (Watch "The Black Parade")
Christina Aguilera's "Back to Basics": I love her new feel to her record. I like the first disc the best. And the song "Makes Me Wanna Pray" is my favorite. I love how soulful the whole record is. And I just love hearing me some good Christina. (View photo gallery Watch "The Making of Candyman")
Corinne Bailey Rae: I put this record on to kind of mellow me out when I have had a long day. I think the record has a really soothing feel to it and I love her lyrics. (Watch "Put Your Records On")

What one song or album can you always listen to and how did you find it?

Christina's "Stripped" record ... I think it was one of the best records that has come out in a long time. I can literally listen to it straight through and love all of it.

What was the first record you ever bought and do you still have it?

Ironically the first one I can remember buying myself is Green Day. Don't get me wrong, I love Green Day, but they definitely weren't the kind of music that was a musical influence. I just thought they were cool and everyone did in sixth grade. I think since the sixth grade, I have misplaced the record. But I did listen to it religiously. I loved it!

What was the first live show you ever saw?

Christina Aguilera at the Greek Theatre when I was 14. It was when she first came out and, after I saw, I was a huge instant fan. She was amazing.

What was the best live show you ever saw?

Earth, Wind & Fire in Seattle when I was 16 or something. I didn't even really know who they were except for being familiar with some of the hits I would hear on the oldies station. But at that time, I knew most all oldies songs on the radio but didn't know the artist. But when I saw them in concert and heard all of their hits and got to see them do their thing, I was blown away. I was like "Man, I wish I was born in that generation." I couldn't believe some of the vocal range and quality of entertainment from all of them. It was the best!

Do you have any guilty pleasures you'd care to reveal?

It's Enya. It's so soothing and reminds me a lot of my childhood.

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