Friday, January 12, 2007

Hannah Tan

Her father is Chinese and her mother is Kelabit. My girlfriend's senior in St. George's Girls School.

  • She exploded to fame after winning 2nd runner-up in the Miss Global Petite International World Finals 2002/2003 (Montreal, Canada).
  • After winning the title, she went on to Malaysian television and was featured in many advertisements (print and TV) as well as being featured in many newspaper and magazine articles.
  • Right now, she will be releasing her debut English album. Her first single is "In Between". She has no singing talent though.
  • She has been in various magazines such as Cleo, Her World, KLUE, Cinema Online, HOT, FHM, Eve Adam, Trafic and Stuff.
    She is also featured in one of the Miss Hypertune issues. You can check those photos out at the Miss Hypertune site.

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